Monday, March 31, 2008

One F.O.

I had the pleasure of test knitting for Huan-Hua, a designer who lives south of me here in Indiana. She put the word out on Ravelry that she needed some test knitters for a baby sweater. Who am I to resist yet another sweater for ZEN? The pattern is just adorable. It's not yet available for sale, but Huan-Hua is orata on Ravelry, and you should be able to get the pattern that way soon. You can also check her blog for details, I expect.

Here are pictures of the sweater.


And a closeup of the leaf-edge button band detail:


I used Merlin the Cat superwash sock yarn. It comes in a very generous 560 yard hank. I used about 410 yards, I believe. It was a fun knit, and many thanks to Huan-Hua for giving me the chance to test knit. I found the test knitting experience to be mostly enjoyable, but it did involve a deadline. I don't play well with deadlines, so that stressed me out some. I did finish on time, though, so all was well.

In other crafting news (and since it's on this blog, it's a month old!), I learned some crochet. My first project was a hat for ZEN.


I want to crochet her a dress, but I think I need to work on a few more starter projects so I can get my tension down. I am using the Candy Babies book by Candie Jensen - there are many fun patterns in there.

I also finished the January Rockin' Sock Club socks.


They ended up being a little roomy for me, but I've washed and (gasp!) dried them to fit my foot. I am knitting the medium size for March's shipment, but those are looking large, too. That seems to be a common issue with the March socks, though. I am not going to rip back. I will just use them as comfy house or sleeping socks if they're too loose.

And finally I leave you with one last ZEN photo, because everyone needs to see how the pretty baby really looks when she wakes up in the morning:


Ah! The horror!

I'll check back in soon. Sooner than a month, at least. We are heading out on a trip to see my parents, so there should be much knitting time available. Hopefully I'll be able to make progress on Tomato, the March RSC socks, a stuffed rabbit for Zoey, and Mystic Lights shawl. We'll see though.