Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to the bloggin' again

I started this blog just a month or so ago, and at that time, I was so excited. I remember thinking that I would update regularly, and it would be such fun. Well, it has been fun, but my updates have not been all that frequent. Other things just seem to get in the way, I suppose! But, I bring with me today proof that even if I haven't been blogging, I have been knitting!

Let's start with the finished projects - first, shown up top, are the baby bell bottoms. They were knit in KnitPicks Shine Sport. I do still need to add the elastic and the crochet chain tie, but I am happy with their mostly completed state. It was my first time using shine sport. I liked it for the most part, and given its cost, it is a great value. Thank you to the blue blog patterns for a great pattern!

And here we have one completed Husband Sock. I need to finish one more for Christmas. These are being worked in Celestial Merino Dream, Bittersweet Chocolate. It's lovely!

Nothing too exciting, sockwise - straight cuff down, stockinette. But, he'll like them, and he'll wear them.


And finally, I finished a fun, striped dress for my daughter, from a Filatura di Crosa pattern booklet. It used five yarns. It doesn't look great in the picture, but is adorable in real life, and will look particularly lovely on the beautiful baby.

That's it for the completed works. I will post my WIPs next.

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Annie said...

That dress is adorable, and your daughter is GORGEOUS! Those eyes!! I feel bad for you guys in a dozen years or so... the boys will be chasing her for sure!