Sunday, January 20, 2008


The mailman came up the drive yesterday, carrying a package for me! It was lunchtime, and being the good mom that I am, I fed ZEN before I ripped it open. However, I didn't manage to take pictures of the beautiful packaging before I tore in... Check this out! All courtesy of the kindest secret swap partner ever! All I know about her is that she lives in Canada, and she's awesome!

What we have here is a hysterical greeting card; some foot soakin' happiness; a new Kacha-Kacha counter (my lovely pal took pity on the fact that ZEN and her father colluded to turn my other one into a toy!); some GORGEOUS Sea Wool, which is calling to me; Ghiradelli AND Reese's chocolates (am I total dork for getting a kick out of the Canadian packaging, which includes French?); a super soft and pretty hand-knit washcloth tied together with a pretty ribbon and some facial soap; and a couple samples of Soak, which I adore. The items came lovingly packaged in the pretty tissue that's in the background. Thanks, pal, you really outdid yourself!

I am knitting along on Wicked. It's a fun knit, and I'm fairly pleased with how mine looks (despite the fact that I messed up on the neck ribbing - it seems to be purely aesthetic, though, and I have no interest in ripping back!)


However, I find myself wanting to cast on something new! This wouldn't be an issue if Wicked were the only thing on my needles. I am toying with the idea of casting on for Mr. Greenjeans (using Dream in Color Classy yarn), or a sweater for ZEN, out of Shibui yarn. I know I should finish on what I have on my needles. Why does casting on hold such an appeal?

Maybe I deserve a reward, though? After all, I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket. Here it is, blocking.


Daisy gave me a look like "Are you seriously going to block that thing right in line of the best sunbeam in the house?" She wasn't terribly pleased with the idea, but she got over it. Here's a slightly better picture, sans sunshine.


I really enjoyed this knit. If you're wanting to do one, I highly encourage it - quick, easy, fun and a great stash-burner. I am considering another one, perhaps using some Noro from my stash. There is a yahoo group devoted to the HRB, and Webs podcast is hosting a KAL, which I believe started this week. Lots of excitement around the HRB. That Jared is brilliant, don't you think?


Soo said...

I like the striping Hemlock. I agree it is a fun knit and I've been tempted to start another.

Jill--starstruckcat said...

Is that a toy bear? A face mask? Am I seeing things?

And I really like the striping, too. Well done, sista!

Holly said...

Yes! I am a fool for leaving that out of the commentary! It's a little beanie stuffed animal, which ZEN snatched up and kissed upon seeing. I wish I would have had my camera. She is in love with the little guy!

Jill--starstruckcat said...

Aww.... your secret pal is AWESOME! And don't be so hard on yourself... there was quite a bit of stuff in that package! He reminds me of a rice and lavender stuffed cat I have that lays across my eyes and helps with the headaches. Not as funny as the sheepy facemask but but still quite comical.


Eryn said...

It looks like you have a fabulous secret pal! You deserve to be spoiled.

Amanda Cathleen said...

I love your blanket! Great colors together.