Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is there anyone out there?

I received some advice on the knitty board. I was told to think of this as a knitting journal, and that would make it easier, perhaps make it seem more natural. That will be my approach, because I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the notion of posting to cyberspace.

This knitting journal is dedicated to my lovely daughter (who shall be called ZEN here) and silly cats. I love to knit for my daughter, and much of what I post here will be pieces I have completed for her. And cats and knitting are simply good partners.

I suppose there is a small amount that is also dedicated to my husband, but only a small part, because he takes too much pleasure from making fun of my knitting.

My initial musings will focus on the following themes:
Finishing projects on the needles
Tackling Mystery Stole 3

Currently on my needles:
1. Child's vest knit from a Maggiknits pattern. Actually, it's off the needles and blocked, simply awaiting seams. This will be finished tonight and sent off to my husband's cousin for her baby shower. I will post pictures later.
2. 18-24 month dress knit from a Filatura di Crosa pattern booklet for my daughter. It's a pretty adorable stripey thing. About three-fourths complete. I will post pictures once I'm ready to block.
3. Wool child's block sweater from One Skein. Back is complete and one front panel is complete. I have to finish the sleeves and the remaining front panel. It is knitting quickly on yarn from the Ayany women's coop.
4. Socks... Three different socks. I do not expect that any of them will have a mate.
5. Christmas sweater for my husband. Knitting it from a Classic Elite pattern, but using Dream In Color yarn, which I am adoring. About halfway up the front panel. I have a long way to go, because my husband is a big and tall guy.
6. Christmas sweater for my mother. This, too, is being knitted from a Classic Elite pattern, and I'm using Classic Elite tweed. It, too, is plodding along. Christmas is months away, right?
7. Feather and Fan scarf knit from koigu for my mother-in-law. I am aiming to complete this for her birthday in September, but Christmas might be a good fallback plan.
8. Lace scarf from an Annie Modesitt pattern I received at an Annie Modesitt workshop. It's beautiful and I have no idea why I've been neglecting it since October.
9. There are more, but I don't really want to face that reality.

All of the above, however, will be put to the side this Friday in favor of...

Mystery Stole 3!
My First Mystery Stole participation, and I am excited. I am using Zephyr, but I am using a deep wine color (claret, I believe) that was in my stash. I have purchased beads, but I remain a little intimidated by the beading.


sgeddes said...

Hello! Glad to see you decided to try out blogging. Looks like you are off to a great start!

Cute kitties!

Lulu said...

Looking forward to more posts on three of my favourite things ....zen, kitties and knitting!! (of course, I would add FOOD as another!!)
Good luck,
lotsa love

Lulu said...

Oh, and PS .... that baby cap is too cute for words!!