Sunday, October 14, 2007

Much better now...thanks

I realize now that blogging while under the weather is not a terribly inspired idea. Sorry for that last depressing outing. I am doing much better (flu has passed, ear infection is dissipating; and Zen and her dad are fine, too). Thank you so much for the kind comments, despite my negative post. Have you ever noticed that few men handle being ill very well? All three of us were sick, but my lovely husband was convinced that he was worse off than me, and I can't quite wrap my mind around this - I had the flu and an ear infection and he had just the flu. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that our flu symptoms were identical, yet somehow he was in worse shape than me (I know this because he told me). Nat's a terrific guy; I adore him and think he is a wonderful, perfect dad to ZEN, and a terrific husband to me. But the guy does not handle illness well. This must be the reason that only women can be pregnant.

Really, enough of the sickness now! Onto more exciting things, like milestones and yarn fun.

Our little girl is teaching herself to stand up! I am a typical, cliche mom who would prefer that she not stand, because that means she'll be walking, and there are so many troubles she'll find at that point! I know that's ridiculous, though, so I'm just trying to be excited about her milestone. And besides, when she can walk, I won't have to hold her in the yarn store - more hands available for yarn fondling fun!

In knitting news, I was on target to start Clue 2 of Secret of the Stole when I got sick, but this is Clue 1 done. I didn't block it at all, obviously. I am still a little unsure about the pattern. Clue 2 looked promising though. The double points don't bother me, but it seemed like a lot of stockinette stitch for a lace project. It appears to be opening up with Clue 2, so it will be worth moving forward with for now, at least.

In other fun news, I received yarn from my swap partner - I'm going to knit her a scarf out of yarn she sent. It's Paton's SWS (soy wool stripes). It's a single ply, and I think it will self stripe. It's really soft, so I'm excited to work with it. She very kindly offered some suggestions of scarf patterns she likes. I had planned to play with it this weekend, but the illness derailed that, so I hope to get to it this week. I sent some yarn to my swap partner to knit me a scarf, too. She's received it and said she's already started to lovingly pet it! I sent two colors, just in case she wanted options, and she said she's thinking either cables or fair isle! Holy cow - I got lucky with her, don't you think?

Finally, to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, here's ZEN, all oranged up and no place to go!


Georgiann said...

That sweet little red nose on Zen -- still stuffy? I bet she loved playing with that box of Kleenex!

weezalana said...

AH! She's too cute! Especially with her Halloween tee!

Glad you're all feeling better. When Hubster gets sick, he does a little whining, but generally just tries to sleep it off by guzzling Nyquil around the clock. More quiet knitting time for me! ;)

Jo said...

She's adorable! Are you planning on a Halloween costume for her?

Eryn said...

Glad everyone's feeling better!

And walking babies are ticking time bombs. Just think how much trouble little fingers can make in a yarn store.... I am imagining mad tangles and balls of yarn flung merrily around the room.

Annie said...

Men are always babies when they're sick. SUCH babies. Man-flu is obviously far more insufferable than flu for the rest of us! :)
Good to see the stole- that's the first one I've seen. My held mail was delivered yesterday and the yarn is in there, but I'm not sure about the color now!

Ed said...

When a man and a woman get a cold what the man has is called man-flu, so when they both get the flu it's much worse for the bloke.
Well known scientific fact, I thought everyone knew that.

Soo said...

Glad to hear you are all on the road to recovery!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your feeling better, my Charlie Brown! And the little one is adorable. Your secret pumpkin package is going out tomorrow so be on the lookout for it!

Your Weenie!

Sheknits said...

What a cutie-pie! Isn't it the best watching her trying to stand up!!!! Thanks for your kind words Holly. Now I have to go peek at your blog more-