Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where does the time go?

It has been two weeks since my last blog entry. Bad blogger! Things have been crazy at work and home. I think everything should quiet down this week, though.

I finished the back of my mom's Christmas sweater. Sunny was apparently excited about this, and the rest of my knitting. She insisted on being in most of my pictures. There are a couple of mistakes in the cabling. Can you see them? I'm not ripping back on it, though. I'm using Classic Elite Skye Tweed, and I'm not that impressed with the yarn. I really hope it softens up when I block the sweater.

I made some progress on Nat's sweater, too, but nothing worth showing. Mostly, I got distracted by the weekly pattern in the Stitch'N'Bitch desk calendar. It seemed extremely important that I make this for ZEN! It was great to use up some stash yarn, and she'll need it this week. I am thinking of adding an i-cord so that I can tie it around her chin - she likes to pull hats off. Sorry there are no pictures of ZEN modeling it. She's a little cranky just now, and not up for a photo shoot.

In the world of lace knitting, I cast on for the Mystic Waters mystery shawl. The first clue posted on Wednesday, and I'm not even one-fourth of the way through it. I am already in love with this design, though. I'm adding some beads, but you can't see them that well here. I decided to put down Secret of the Stole. It really just isn't speaking to me. I will watch everyone else's progress, though, before I go so far as to rip it out. I think there's just too much stockinette in it for my tastes. I'm still curious to know about the theme, though!

I think Sunny approves!

And finally, I have a picture of the small bit of progress I've made on My So Called Scarf.

I'm sorry the picture isn't great. Maybe I needed Sunny's help on this one, too? Anyway, I'm loving the pattern, and I love the yarn (Patons SWS). I hope that my swap partner loves it as much as I do! I should be able to work on it a good bit this week, and hopefully finish it by mid-November. I think I might have some yarn left over. If it were you, would you want me to send the extra back to you, or if there's enough, make a second scarf (different pattern)?

I'm also aware that I am a very bad blogstalker. Two weeks missed! I will try to get caught up and back in the swing soon.


weezalana said...

That pumpkin hat is too cute! Hmmmm, on the extra yarn...I'd probably prefer to have it sent back to me, rather than a second albeit different scarf. Or maybe you could make her something else with it? Like a matching hat and/or gloves?

Soo said...

I love the pumpkin hat!

The cables look great - I wouldn't rip back either.

hopalong682003 said...

I love the pumpkin hat, too. And the mystery shawl is beautiful.

Bev said...

Hey, what a great scarf! You should keep the yarn and make a second scarf for yourself!

Sincerely, your scarf swap partner cowpuppetsofdoom!