Sunday, August 26, 2007

Christmas is coming

It's only August, and I'm already stressed about Christmas knitting. I'm trying to get these projects off the needles:
1. MS3 (goal to be done by the end of the Labor Day weekend)
2. Koigu Feather and Fan scarf (goal to be done by the middle of September for my mother-in-law's birthday)
3. Dad's socks (goal to be done by the middle of September for his birthday)
4. Clapotis (this is for me, but it would be nice to have done)
If I finish those things, I can focus on the following:
1. Husband's Christmas sweater
2. Mom's Christmas sweater
3. Another pair of socks for Dad
4. Hanami
5. Secret of the Stole KAL
6. Tulip sweater for ZEN christmas
7. Bee shawl
8. Tomato
9. Perhaps another Clapotis

This is looking to be more of a bah-humbug season than one filled with merriment and joy. And it's only August...


Anniebananie said...

Wow you have a lot to get done...I too stress about Christmas knitting. It's supposed to be a sock Christmas, but I just don't know... and most people in my family have big feet too!

Soo said...

Don't be toooooo stressed about Christmas knitting. I've been known to give people a packet of yarn and an IOU to knit it up!!!!

meegan said...

I feel your pain! Your koigo feather and fan scarf is uberlovely -- kinda makes the one I'm working on look garish, but there, it's for a kidlet! Gorgeous baby too! Anyway, good luck with that list!

Annie said...

You sound like me. Now the thing to do is cast on ALL of them! Ha ha. That's what I like to do- mix it up with stitch patterns, yarns, etc. Otherwise I get stir crazy!