Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finishing...and progressing...

ZEN's color block sweater from one skein is complete, even with buttons! I think I need to play around with blocking it again. It will be an outdoor sweater, because the wool isn't that soft, but I think it's cute. And if she ever has a brother, it will be easily adopted by a boy!

I continue to make slow progress on MS3 - just wanted to include proof! I'm jealous of everyone who has finished. I hope to be done by the end of next week, so I can give it to my dear friend, whose birthday was in JULY! I am also itching to cast on Hanami or the Bee shawl; I haven't decided which one, though. However, I am well aware that I can only handle one lace project at at time. I shortened the stole to suit my friend, who isn't quite 5-feet, but now I worry that it won't be long enough. I hope it stretches a lot with blocking!

And what's this? It looks like Shedir is growing, albeit slowly. I am enjoying the DK zephyr - we'll see how it matches up size wise. It seems OK so far.

It is really hot here, so luckily my friend's niece is probably OK for another few weeks while I finish it up. I would finish it faster, I hear, if I would teach myself to cable without a cable needle. However, I wonder if the time it would take to learn that would actually undermine my finishing pace?

Here's a picture of my progress on Clapotis. I love the yarn. I'm not sure if the colors are me, but I do think they're pretty. If they're not me, it will make a nice gift. It's such a trip dropping the stitches. I think that I might be a little too easily entertained! I plan to try to start another one with the Second Wave Clapotis KAL, which is starting late in September, I believe. That should be a fun group, too. First time Clapotis-ers and lots of veterans - it will be interesting to see all of the yarn choices! I have decided that I am a slow Clapotis knitter, so I may not be ready to start another one in time to play with the group. We shall see though.

ZEN was asleep and couldn't model her sweater (the fact that it's too big for her and that it's really hot here might also have had something to do with it), I'm putting in another cute baby picture, sans anything yarn-y. Awwww....

We are making a trip to Cincinnati this weekend. I plan to bring along my dad's birthday socks, my mother-in-laws birthday scarf, and clapotis. If I can make good progress on all three, I will be pleased. I will really need to focus on the two Christmas sweaters I am knitting, starting in October, so I'm trying to finish up lots of stuff now.


hopalong682003 said...

The color block sweater turned out so cute! Is it a wraparound sweater or are the buttons for decoration only? It's very very pretty.

Annie said...

Nice work! Your MS3 is looking good. I just signed up for the secret of the stole, and I'm a little nervous, since it's my first lace project! Love the colorblock sweater, though that girl is so cute, she'd make anything look good!