Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quick update

No pictures today, because I am still trying to figure out how to make them flow with the layout of blogger. I'll get there, but I am new to html and blogging, so it may take awhile.

Work on MS3 continues. I should be starting Clue 4 tomorrow. Clapotis also has grown. I'm to the straight rows, and dropping the stiches just makes me giddy. I haven't cast on for ZEN's tulip sweater yet, I need to rework the pattern for a larger size. I did cast on for the second sock for Husband's Christmas socks, and I casted on for my father's birthday socks. No update on the Annie Modesitt lace scarf or the Koigu Feather and Fan scarf.

A friend of mine has a lovely, wonderful, vibrant niece who has cancer - it is not breast cancer - I think it is non-hodgkins lymphoma, but I could be wrong on that. I am working on Shedir for her. I played with the yarn and needle size, so it may have to end up being a lightly felted Shedir. I am hoping to finish it fairly soon. Her hair is gone, but her spirits are high. Please think good thoughts for her and her family.

And finally, I was directed to a podcast that is new to me - We're Almost There - it is hosted by Wendy and Marty. They have been podcasting since October of 2006, so I will have to go back and listen to the older podcasts. However, their most recent entry points you to a blog that everyone should take time to view. I'll leave it at that - just go listen to the podcast to find out more and if you are in need of a serious dose of perspective. You can find it here:


Soo said...

Hmmmmm... I will check out that podcast.

....and look forward to seeing some pictures when you get blogger figured out! I found things easier once I modified the width of the content section - there is some info on how to do that on knittyboards, in the blogland section, the first page of a sticky about modifying your template. That might help.

Cheers, Soo.

Annie said...

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I was nervous about the podcast thing, but I do think perspective is very important, and needless to say, I no longer sweat the small stuff! Looking forward to seeing some pics!