Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Peer into my purse

...if you dare!

Blogstalking, assignment two:

I almost sat this round out, because I'm so embarrassed of the mess that is in my purse. Here are two other views, but that's all your getting, because anything closer would further humiliate me!

I suppose I should tell you what all that junk is. First, there is the small purse in the big purse. No excuse for this, except sheer laziness. I switched from the small to the large, and didn't bother to shift the contents (yes, I am well aware that I could have just dumped everything in; it was easier this way, somehow). As to the actual contents, here's an edited list (why, you might ask, is this list edited? Because there's just too much crap in there to bother noting all of it - it is not edited to protect my reputation in anyway, so no worries there!)

1. The knitterly stuff
a. Back issues of Interweave Knits (Spring of 2004, Summer of 2003)
b. WIP - baby jaywalker sock in Panda Cotton (from the dyeing arts, but the link has gone bad, though there is a promise it will return at some point)
c. Mass Ave Knit Shop Discount key chain
d. Secret of the Stole info. sheet
e. Knitty Patterns (Mr. Greenjeans and Muir)
f. Size 9 Crochet hook (for beading)
g. stitch markers (ring style)
2. The money-savers
a. coupons for groceries
b. coupons for Borders
c. coupons for department stores
d. expired coupon for the garden store
3. The reminders that I'm overweight
a. Weight Watchers membership book/bookmark
b. Gum (gotta have something to do with my mouth since I shouldn't be eating!)
c. Jimmy John's menu (there are a few things on there that can be Weight
Watchers friendly)
4. Proof that I'm a mom
a. Toy remote control
b. Pink baby velour pants
5. Proof that I'm a mom, knitter and a woman
a. Bills!
b. Many tubes of lipstick
6. Other junk
a. Saline Solution
b. Coin purse with debit/credit cards and some cash/change
c. Change settled at the bottom of the purse
d. Bookmark (but no book)
e. Non-winning powerball ticket from when the jackpot was huge awhile back.
Yes, this should have been thrown out weeks ago.

OK, I'm sufficiently mortified, but probably not mortified to the point of actually cleaning out the purse. Alas...


Soo said...

tee hee

It's good to know other handbags are in a similar state to mine!

Annie said...

Excellent! I think I have almost as much stuff in mine, and it's half the size! I bought a smaller bag, because I was carrying so much crap around, and now I just cram it into a smaller bag. Didn't really work! :)

OLPP said...

That's so great! I love your purse! I'm trying to become classy/brave enough for a red purse. So far I've only made it to a red wallet, but I love it so!

lisa said...

i've always loved big red bags-- so nice! and it's impossible to be a mom without having all your stuff with you. you might need that loser lottery ticket for wrapping up something icky one day. keep it.

Jo said...

I have a bunch of old Powerball slips as well - and while I know I didn't win the jackpot on them, I think to myself that I need to check the numbers anyway in case I won $3 or $7 on them.

kemtee said...

I love that bag. Love.

hopalong682003 said...

If you keep adding purses to purses, it will be heavy enough that you can get activity points for carrying it around. ;-)

sillyrabbit said...

Looks good to me!