Saturday, September 15, 2007

Swan Lake's Swan Song

It's done! It's really, really done! I thought I might never finish, especially as I saw everyone turning out their beautiful stoles. But that wing finally reached its conclusion. The pictures obviously show it blocking. I really suck at lace blocking. I did my best to follow the Harlot's instructions, but I apparently didn't quite get it - I had trouble getting tension on the straight lines, and I know my wing shouldn't dip down below the straight edge. However, I'm so happy it's done, that I really can't complain. It's a gift for a dear friend, so I hope she likes it and ignores my mistakes. The largest errors are pointed out by the friendly sheep, below. But I bet you didn't need their help to see them!

I don't know if I will have a chance to post a picture of it draped; I hope to see my friend in it someday, and I will take a picture of her then.

Now that the MS3 is done, I can focus on my mother in law's scarf and my dad's socks. Both need to be done by Wednesday so they can ship for their birthdays, which are early the following week. I have to tear out the toe and rip back on one of my dad's socks. I was so worried about making sure they'd be wide enough for his feet that I ended up shorting him. It shouldn't take too long to correct, though. I have decided that I will delve back into my mom's and husband's Christmas sweaters come October 1. So that means I will have 11 days of knitting whatever I want to! I can be good, and finish up a couple pairs of socks for ZEN that are on the needles, or I could finish the Colinette throw that's been on the needles forever. Or I could start ZEN's tulip sweater or perhaps a sweater for me. I'm leaning toward the latter, but I probably would be bummed when 10 days later I have nothing to show for my effort but ANOTHER WIP. Decisions, decisions.

I took some pictures of my stash today.

This should shame me into knitting it up, shouldn't it? After all, it looks like it could eat Sunny in any minute! Sadly, that's not all.
There's also this...

...and this...

See something you like? Let me know and we can make a deal!

There is more, which is sort of embarrassing to admit. But perhaps that's reason enough to start a new project when I finish the birthday presents?

One of the malls here hosted the 2007 Knit Out. I stopped by, but I didn't really feel comfortable enough to stay. I did pick up the charity knitting information, but I want to focus on kntiting some Hats for Alex. Truth be told - that's how I should spend those last days of September! And maybe you should, too!


Jill said...

I think it's beautiful, Holly. I know she'll enjoy it. And never be ashamed of your stash... you have some yummy yarn in there! Coveting down here, Jill

Deb said...

You DO have some yummy yarn!!! I am currently seeking Socks That Rock yarn- willing to sell? trade? Let me know-I have a huge stash as well!

Soo said...

Your MS3 is GORGEOUS. I love the colour.

And I think that blocking the feathers hard (as you've done) really helps it drape better.

Beautiful work. :)

Paige said...

I had trouble with the tension per the Harlot's instructions too, actually, on my Swallowtail. The instructions make sense, but using some nice sleek yarn (Regia Surf) made it easy to thread through the shawl and difficult to actually pin the ends down to get the tension. I thought it might be my pins--my store only had tiny/flat-headed rustproof ones.

Lovely MS3, though! I'm sure your friend will love it.

Paige said...

Ack! Last comment is me, Rhi from Not Be Televised. Apologies.