Friday, September 21, 2007

Time to knit

I finished my mother-in-law's scarf. Her birthday is Monday, so it will not get to her in time, but it is done! It's blocking, but I'll post pix when it's ready. I also finished my father's socks with plenty of time to send them out. However, my own ineptitude at the post office might result in him never receiving the socks, or any part of his birthday package for that matter. Fingers crossed that the postal gods are smiling on me this week!

That means I have a week and a half to knit whatever I want! I am going to try to knit at least one Hat for Alex, and I think I've also settled on starting a sweater from LaceStyle. It's the cover sweater.

I took a photo of the MS3 draped on a hanger.

My friend said that she loved it, and it fit her well. I was a little worried, because I had shortened it. However, it sounds like it all worked out well.

I am busy trying to update my Ravelry profile. It's a bit overwhelming. I am excited to do it, though. What a terrific resource!


Annie said...

The stole looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the scarf photos.

kemtee said...

Ooo wow -- hadn't seen the MS3 stole in that color before. Stunning.

bradyphrenia said...

wow, that photo is really nice. great stole!

i also like your dream in color sweater. i should really get some of that yarn.