Friday, September 28, 2007

To Nat, with love

I showed my husband my progress on Tulip today. It looks like this now:

Upon review of the sweater, he said: "It would look better if you'd done those color changes right." I said: "You read my blog?!" This is a momentarialy exciting revelation, until he responds: "No. I don't read it that often - you don't mention me enough." I told him that was because I didn't want to put him out there for public consumption against his wishes. After all, there is a decent chance that three or four people might read my blog, and of those maybe one would know Nat and of those, none would care (ZEN can't read yet, so we're not counting her). He reminded me that he's already in the public domain to a certain extent. He's a journalist who covers high school sports for our newspaper, and his stories are published online. In an effort to get him to quit whining, this blog entry is dedicated to him.

Here is the start of his Christmas sweater:

It doesn't look like much, I know. But by December 25, it will be a cabled sweater for him to hopefully enjoy. I really hope to finish it by Christmas, because I don't want to hear him complaining about how I never finish his knitted gifts on time. I have already finished 1 1/2 of his Christmas socks, which I will gag him with if he chooses to whine.

Here's a picture of him and ZEN:

Aren't they cute?

OK, enough of him. Back to the fun yarn stuff. Look what came in the mail today!

Yarn from artsygal. Yummy, don't you think? Especially in the colorway "strawberry milkshake". 100% Superwash Merino Sock yarn. Sorry the picture stinks.

I'm off to try to crank out at least one Hat for Alex tonight. Because it's Friday night, and baby, that's how I roll.


Jill said...

So when is Nat going to guestblog and share some of his thoughts on milk caps and donuts?

Jo said...

That's how I roll, too :)

Annie said...

Love the photo of your husband with Zen- totally adorable! I know you'll finish that sweater on time. It's going to be gorgeous! And I like the tulip sweater. I don't think the color changes are a problem at all.

Penny Karma said...

I love that gorgeous baby!

Soo said...

The tulip looks great. I hope Nat appreciates that not only has he been included in the blog, but he seems to have made most of the comments as well.

Baby Zen is gorgeous as always.